Dr Jamil Rima is The Inventor of OxyClean and many more techniques for waste, wastewater treatment, and biological applications. Founder of L-DESC for wastewater treatment and founder of Rima-Industries Holding for Solid & Medical Waste Treatment.




Dr. Karine Assaker is currently manager at L-DESC for Wastewater treatment. She is founder and director of Viko Cosmetics, since Feb 2017. She is a temporary lecturer and researcher at Lebanese University, Faculty of Public Health Ain W Zein. Was a temporary lecturer and researcher in Chemistry at Université de Lorraine between October 2015 and September 2016, and a laboratory analyst at Benta Pharma Industry-BPI in 2015.

She is PhD in molecular and physical chemistry from University de Lorraine in France. She obtained her M.S. degree in Environmental Chemistry from Lebanese University – faculty of Agriculture. Her research mainly focuses on wastewater and solid waste treatment using physical and chemical processes. Author and co-author of more than 25 scientific articles published in International High Impact Journal. For more than eleven years the research on wastewater treatment methods was her main occupation. She has experience in the synthesis and application of mesoporous materials and she is interested in the environmental remediation field. More details


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