L-DESC Water Solution technologies are based on the latest scientific findings concerning the decontamination of sea water, wastewater and drinking water. Our team is continuously putting efforts in the development of innovated technologies to efficiently reduce the cost of cleanup, creating new facilities and economical methods to remove damages from our coastal, rivers, lakes and streams.

L-DESC Water Solution offers you the perfect solution for water treatment, regardless its type. Our company is committed to providing the most reliable service, which can be tailored to meet individual needs. We lead designs, engineering, assembly, and distribution of water purification and treatment systems. We offer complete plants for the treatment of contaminated water with iron, acids, bacteria, heavy metals and organic pollutants of industrial and household wastewater. We carry on detailed design and drawings to build a system that fits your needs.
– Drinking water: the raw water and groundwater wells are treated using sophisticated and high finished technologies to turn them into healthy and clean drinkable water, free of impurities and contaminants, germs and chemicals.
– Industrial water treatment: water coming out of the factories is purified to become usable for irrigation or for domestic water use by refined methods.