Sewage treatment is the process of removing contaminants from wastewater, primarily from household sewage.

L-DESC Sewage Treatment solution is composed of two parts:
1- Sludge treatment reactor
2- Wastewater treatment reactor

1-Sludge Treatment Reactor:
Sewage is pumped into the treatment plant and settled into a first reactor made of Stainless Steel. The sludge precipitates and water come to the top during the pumping time. When the reactor is full the excess amount of water falls by gravity into the second reactor.
Sludge precipitated into the reactor is carbonized within 20 minutes.

2-Wastewater Treatment Reactor “OXY-CLEAN Reactor”:
Wastewater is collected during the pumping before the sludge reactor is full. When the pumping stops the second reactor is turned on. Three chemical compounds are poured into the wastewater using three dosing pumps. Air bubbling into the wastewater starts using an air blower. The oxyclean process is ON. After 50 minutes clean water exits the reactor and enters in a sand filter for the last purification step before its pumping into the building’s tanks. Obtained water is Crystal Clean Water exempt of all kinds of pollutants and bacteria, can be reused and pumped into canalization or used for implanted soil watering.