About Us

The Lebanese Development Environmental Sustainable Company (L-DESC) – Water Solution is providing the best technologies for wastewater treatment. Our company relies on the experience of chemists specialized in water, its composition and its treatment.
In L-DESC Water Solution we are collaborating with different companies in the world according to the studied case and to our needs, in order to offer the best products and services in the water treatment field. We provide a single source for complete services from engineering, design and supply systems and construction – installation with full responsibility for the content of final products. Our offered solutions cover the various types of water and are designed in a way that conserves the natural wealth in the treated environment. In addition, the integrated technologies meet the increasing private consumption through the use of safe and low-cost technologies in water treatment.

Our Goal

Earning YOUR TRUST is our first and ultimate goal. Our mission is to deliver the best products and services allowing you a comfortable and easy life.
At L-DESC Water Solution, all our products and services are based on scientific research findings. This makes our solutions the most up to date and efficient ever. We provide the most recent solutions in the water and wastewater treatment field. Since our goal is your comfort, we take the responsibility of a very responsive and reliable service. We are on a quest to grow our abilities to provide first class solutions, service and products. Our integrity is what we hold sacred and is our cornerstone for the future. At L-DESC Water Solution we consider your problems as ours and we work, based on our long experience in the water solutions field, to solve them. We take every single case as unique and we put all our efforts to make your water clean, pure and clear ready to be used again.
Our company aims to clean wastewater with highly sophisticated, innovative, and fully environmentally friendly technologies. Our technologies are of added value without being very expensive.