Environmental Consultant

Dr Jamil Rima is The Inventor of OxyClean and many more techniques for waste, wastewater treatment, and biological applications. Founder of L-DESC for wastewater treatment and founder of Rima-Industries Holding for Solid & Medical Waste Treatment. Professor in Physical-Chemistry, Lebanese University. He was visiting professor at USA and European (Hawaii University, Duke University, North Carolina,…



L-DESC Water Solution Activities Remediation of contaminated water by organics and heavy metals Oil spill and petroleum effluent cleanup in wastewater industries Wastewater and Domestic Wastewater treatment Treatment of pesticides effluents in wastewater Disinfection of water polluted by bacteria and/or chemical contaminants Remediation of chemically-contaminated sites. In addition, we can provide: Analytical methodologies for quality… Details

Water Treatment

L-DESC Water Solution technologies are based on the latest scientific findings concerning the decontamination of sea water, wastewater and drinking water. Our team is continuously putting efforts in the development of innovated technologies to efficiently reduce the cost of cleanup, creating new facilities and economical methods to remove damages from our coastal, rivers, lakes and…


Sewage Treatment

Sewage treatment is the process of removing contaminants from wastewater, primarily from household sewage. L-DESC Sewage Treatment solution is composed of two parts: 1- Sludge treatment reactor 2- Wastewater treatment reactor 1-Sludge Treatment Reactor: Sewage is pumped into the treatment plant and settled into a first reactor made of Stainless Steel. The sludge precipitates and…