L-DESC Water Solution Activities

  • Remediation of contaminated water by organics and heavy metals
  • Oil spill and petroleum effluent cleanup in wastewater industries
  • Wastewater and Domestic Wastewater treatment
  • Treatment of pesticides effluents in wastewater
  • Disinfection of water polluted by bacteria and/or chemical contaminants
  • Remediation of chemically-contaminated sites.

In addition, we can provide:

  • Analytical methodologies for quality control of carbohydrates in fruits and juices
  • Analytical methodologies for quality control of formulated drugs
Facilities :

  • Equipment for bioremediation technology
  • Equipment for oxidative treatment
  • Equipment for spill oil cleanup
  • Filtering apparatus (filters, resins, membranes, cartridges and reverse osmosis…)
  • Sewage treatment whole system
  • Analytical apparatus for traces of hydrocarbons in water
  • Oil spill response booms and skimmers, dispersant spray systems
  • Towing Devices & Accessories (for permanent boom installations)
  • Small & Large Pumping Systems (diesel & electric start)
L-DESC Water Solution has contacts with international companies related to the environmental problems. The Company developed a biodegradable process based on the natural fibers to adsorb the fuel oil from the water and other process to mineralize the hydrocarbons dispersed at the surface of water or dissolved in water.